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The Ministry of MINES and ENERGY announced the approval by the Congress of the Republic, of the new energy transition law, the text of which will go to conciliation between the chambers and subsequently to presidential approval.

The Archipelago’s Energy Company, EEDAS S.A. E.S.P., wishes to congratulate and acknowledge the work carried out by the Ministry of Mines and Energies and its team, including the Minister Diego Meza Puyo, Vice Minister Miguel Lotero Robledo, as well as Dr. Claudia Escobar and Alejandra Guzman (current members of the board of directors of EEDAS S.A.)  Likewise to Dr. Paola Galeano (former member of the board of directors), and the entire working group of the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

It is noteworthy that this new regulation will give a great boost to the transition processes that will have new incentive, great support will be provided to electric mobility, advanced or intelligent measurement, through the digitization of the sector, the incentive to microgrids and isolated solutions that contribute to increasing the coverage of electricity in the country. Thus, how this initiative covers important issues for electric mobility and non-conventional sources of renewable energy (NCRES), initiatives in which eedas has been working to be applied in non-interconnected areas and especially in the archipelago.  “For EEDAS it is the opportunity to increase its efforts in the archipelago, so that this energy transformation in which she has been working and that is gradually being implemented, thanks to joint work, with the Departmental Government and the National Government, continues in this process, which not only needs the participation of the state, but also of the common citizen, whose support will be the key to the speed at which this change will take place. ”  Its manager, Randy Allen Bent Hooker, stated.

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