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EEDAS Clean Energy is stake on innovation, oriented towards achieving sustainable and environmentally friendly development.

At the launching event, EEDAS S.A. and its allies, staged the projects that they have been developing and that they intend to implement in the immediate future. Topics such as the application of renewable energy to the field of electric mobility, the storage, processing and storage of the cold chain of food products, self-generation applied to public lighting systems, injection systems to the grid and storage with batteries ; were the topics exposed both in the area of ​​experience, as in the different presentations.

The company presented its advances in research and monitoring of public services and efficient use of energy through real-time monitoring platforms, as well as the applicability of solid waste to urban transformation processes, as a stake directed towards the concept of Smart Islands for the biosphere reserve.

“For EEDAS it is satisfactory to see the growth of the company and how each one of its members is committed and is a key piece in the gear of the consolidation of the future that is expected in the entity. I am very proud of the EEDAS family, of what has been achieved so far and what can be achieved in terms of clean energy and energy efficiency ”. Managing Director, Randy Allen Bent Hooker stated.