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The Energy Company of the Archipelago of San Andrés Providencia and Santa Catalina EEDAS. S.A. ESP, received the visit of the work team of the Fund for Non-Conventional Energies and Efficient Energy Management (FENOGE) led by Dr. Jorge Bunch, General Coordinator of the IDB 3747 / TC-CO loan, the officials Francy Ramírez, Paola Tibatá and the representative of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Dr. Andrea Giraldo. Said visit was carried out within the parameters of the consulting contract, signed with the FIDUPREVISORA in its capacity as administrator and spokesperson for the FENOGE trust fund.

At the meeting, an evaluation was made of the follow-up, monitoring, evaluation and technical report of results that allow verifying the status and fulfillment of Impact and Result indicators of the efficient management program of energy demand in non-interconnected areas – pilot project for the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, credit BID374 / TC-CO “BE ENERGY”.

The Energy Company presented a report, showing the performance of each of these activities, the results obtained and future actions were projected for five (5) and  ten (10) years, to improve and thus continue the ideal development of the project, that is so beneficial for the islands. Among the suggestions, it was agreed to make the actions carried out by FENOGE within San Andrés and Providencia more intensive, taking into account the execution of the resources provided by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

For EEDAS it was satisfactory to have this visit on its premises, to receive the recognition and support from these two entities regarding the development of the activities carried out by the company, within the framework of the contract, as mechanisms of missionary positioning towards the implementation of mechanisms of efficient energy consumption and energy transition in the Department.

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