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EEDAS successfully held its annual shareholders’ meeting

On March 18, the annual meeting of shareholders of Empresa de Energía del Archipiélago EEDAS S.A. was held in a virtual way, in which the administration had the opportunity to present its management report for the year 2020, the financial statements for the 2020 period, the profits and dividends to be distributed among its shareholders.

As a noteworthy fact, the approval of the new commercial strategy and corporate image of the company and the efficiency of its finances could be referenced, demonstrating an effective management of its assets, expenses and income.

“We are very satisfied with what has been achieved in the company in recent years, its growth, its projects, and how despite the pandemic, she was able to move forward. It has not been an easy road, but we continue working day by day so that the goals we have set, little by little, are materialized ”, said General Manager Randy Allen Bent Hooker.

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