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During three days, in four-hour sessions, for a total of 12, more than 20 people attended the workshop: “Socialization on issues of energy saving in homes”, which belongs to the cycle of workshops derived from the Be Energy program, of the Fenoge of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, executed by EEDAS S.A. E.S.P. and financed by the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) that are being developed in the archipelago.

In this course, the attendees were able to learn a little more about how to read the energy bill, what information is important and must be taken into account when receiving the Electricity bill, how to make complaints, claims and requests, as well as tips energy saving in homes, consumer items in homes, the useful life of electrical installations, rational use of energy, among other topics.

After three days of training, the community that accompanied us received their attendance certification. We thank the Barrack community, its community action board and New Life Tabernacle Church for opening their doors and receiving us with such affection.

Soon we will be in other sectors of the island, where we will socialize not only these issues, but also the efficient use of energy and its types.

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