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The workshop for the general public: SOCIALIZATION ON THEMES OF ENERGY SAVING IN HOUSES, was held on the island of Providencia and its apprentices were certified. In it, attendees were able to learn a little more about the energy bill, how to read each of the items that appear on it and how to interpret the consumption information that is made each month.

The way to find efficient household appliances was explained, thanks to the retiQ label and how these can help save energy in homes. In the same way, different energy saving tips were discussed, which can be done easily at home and that contribute to savings on the electricity bill.

This workshop is part of the training cycle that EEDAS S.A. E.S.P. dictates and certifies within the Be Energy del Fenoge program, which belongs to the Ministry of Mines and Energy and is financed by the BiD. We thank the community of Providencia for opening its doors and receiving us with love, to give three workshops with different themes, which are beneficial to the community.

We continue training and soon we will be in your sector.

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