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With typical food, delicious drinks, succulent desserts, striking dresses, music and the plat pole dance, the eedas staff celebrated the day of emancipation in the company.

To open, Pastor Eddie Williams led a prayer and then gave us a beautiful reflection on the day that was celebrated and what it means for the Afro-descendant community, then there was live music.

The staff was divided into groups and each one presented a couple dressed for the occasion and a typical dish, explaining a little about each one of them; then there was the plat pole dance, which had the participation of a good part of the eedas community and at the end the best presentations were chosen both in food and in costumes, with the General and Administrative Secretariat being the first and second place winners and In the presentation of the dish, the winners were Magic Garden auditing. To end with a flourish, each one of the exposed gastronomic presentations was delighted, on a hot afternoon, but full of joy and tradition.

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