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The new director of FENOGE, Juan Camilo Vallejo Lorza, arrived at the EEDAS S.A. facilities. E.S.P. within the framework of the visit to the archipelago, accompanied by his work team and staff from the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank), in which they tour the different projects that the program has carried out on the islands, such as the replacement of light bulbs, household appliances, installation of photovoltaic solar panels in island entities and homes, monitoring and follow-up of these and training. Already in eedas he gave some interviews to local media.

Vallejo Larza expressed his pleasure at being back in San Andrés, since he had been a director before and knows first-hand the beginnings of the energy efficiency program that has been so important for the inhabitants of the islands. The director spoke about the Be Energy program that has been working on efficient energy management in the archipelago and has benefited around 18,000 people on the three islands over the last five years. He also explained a little about the different projects that have been carried out in San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina and mentioned some of the positive figures that the program has produced throughout this entire process.

The general manager of EEDAS, Randy Allen Bent Hooker, was present during this visit, since EEDAS has been key throughout this process and has been the entity that has worked hand in hand with FENOGE on some of its projects, giving very good results. results in each of the executed contracts. Likewise, the director expressed his presence and that of his work team, at the closing of the training cycle, which will take place during his visit to the islands.

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