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Within the framework of the regional dialogues held in the archipelago, with the participation of the Minister of Housing Catalina Velazco Campuzano, as a mechanism for the participatory construction of the law of the National Development Plan 2022-2026, convened by the National Government, EEDAS S.A. E.S.P. He was part of the table on the Energy Transition and Green Growth with environmental justice (how to generate a greater green economy and reduce dependence on oil and minerals?).

In this call, eedas had the opportunity to share the experiences lived by the entity in terms of energy transition, how it positively affects the islands and what can be achieved in the future, jointly, for territorial progress , in the use of non-conventional sources of renewable energy. To this content, the company added the topic of electric mobility, powered by solar energy or hydrogen, as a mechanism to reduce greenhouse gases and global warming.

For EEDAS, the solution is a clear policy, which goes hand in hand with the concept of the department’s biosphere reserve and which allows the development of non-conventional sources of renewable energy that generate benefits for both the community and the environment. environment, with rates that benefit the consumer using clean energy.

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