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During board session No. 173, the last of the 2022 term, its members, both those who were online and in person, were able to detail the report presented by the directors of the entity, in which all the activities that were carried out were shown. have developed during the year, as well as the commitments acquired in the month of December and that will be developed in the first quarter of 2023; ensuring, in this way, the good financial and administrative contractual development of the company, prior to the start of activities next year.

In the development of the meeting, some initiatives were presented, which the admiration considers should be made viable in 2023, to continue with the good performance of the entity, as it has been so far, for which they were approved by the board of directors. in unison.

With this session, the senior management activities were terminated by the board of directors for the year 2022 and the way was opened for those that will begin in January of the coming year.

“For EEDAS S.A. E.S.P. This has been a profitable year, full of great challenges and achievements, which has allowed it to grow, gain experience and continue consolidating its path to become the leading company in electric mobility, in non-conventional sources of renewable energy and in every aspect of the energy transition. in the department”. Said its general manager, Randy Allen Bent Hooker.

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