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The Archipelago Energy Company, EEDAS S.A. E.S.P. held its ordinary a semi-face-to-face meeting No. 174, the first of the year for the 2023 term; this was attended by the members of the board of directors, representing the partners; the administration of the entity and personnel in charge of the different projects of the company.

At this meeting, they requested for the budget addition of some projects that were signed by the company in December 2022 and that its execution will take place in the year 2023. This request was approved by the members of the board of directors and they also analyzed the scope and the realization of the projects, objects of addition of the budget.

In addition, a presentation was made of the progress of the different projects that the company has been developing, both in San Andrés, Providence and Saint Ketlina, especially on the progress of Santa Catalina Verde, which consists of a solar farm that will provide energy cleans to the island of Saint Ketlina and that it is about to be deliver, and the electric mobility projects that will be carried out this year.

These projects were presented by EEDAS S.A. staff. E.S.P., leaders of each of them and who addressed the concerns presented by the board members. Similarly, the scope of the projections for this term were shown, opening the shareholder meeting to be held in March. The meeting was held positively and within the parameters established by the company’s bylaws.

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