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The Municipal Government of Providencia and Santa Catalina, and EEDAS S.A. E.S.P., allow yourself to inform the population of the islands, that work has begun to install lighting on the Bridge of Lovers. Initially, test lights are being placed to verify and perform light analysis, this, in order to guarantee pedestrian passage, with provisional lighting across the bridge. In this way, the transformation and adaptation activities of the bridge begin to materialize.

After these tests, the permanent luminaires will be installed. For the Mayor’s Office of Providencia and Santa Catalina and EEDAS S.A. E.S.P. It is very important that everything is in accordance with what is established between the parties, so excellent quality lamps will be installed that have a luminous flux that remains throughout the useful life of the lights, so if they are properly cared for , the bridge will enjoy very good lighting for many years.

The community is requested to cooperate as much as possible in the care of these lighting elements that are being installed, both for the test ones and for the permanent ones, since it must be taken into account that it is for the benefit of all. We thank the community of Providencia and Santa Catalina for their support in the work that is currently being carried out by the Municipal Mayor’s Office and EEDAS S.A. E.S.P.

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