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EEDAS S.A. ESP, executes a contract signed with FENOGE (Non-Conventional Energy Fund and Efficient Energy Management), which aims to “Carry out the follow-up, monitoring, evaluation and technical report of results, which allow verifying the status and compliance of the Impact and Result indicators of the Program for Efficient Management of Energy Demand in Non-Interconnected Zones – Pilot Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, IDB Credit 374/ TC-CO”


The Archipelago of San Andrés Providencia and Santa Catalina (Islands), contracted with the Empresa de Energía del Archipelago de San Andrés Providencia y Santa Catalina S.A. E.S,P. the technical, administrative, financial, accounting, legal, social and environmental control of the pilot project for the energy use of solid waste.


The purpose of the Audit is to permanently review, verify, analyze and conceptualize all the technical, financial, operational, legal and administrative aspects related to the Concession Contract, in order to verify compliance, by the Concessionaire, of the conditions established in the same, for the development and comprehensive control of the project and to determine in a timely manner the necessary actions to guarantee the achievement of the planned objectives.