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EEDAS S.A E.S.P., in response to its functions as a Company of the Archipelago, established in her Strategic Plan the need to undertake initiatives aimed at studying, evaluating and developing the reduction of the demand for DIESEL as a primary fuel for energy production, using sources of renewable energy efficiency processes.

Initiatives, projects and strategies springs from this strategic plan to position our Company in the regional and national market (Non-Interconnected Zones) as manager of renewable energy projects and as Controller in the energy sector.

EEDAS S.A.E.S.P. directed her efforts to the acquisition of knowledge and the development of studies and analysis, focused on the energy transformation of the Archipelago. From the company’s vision, this do not only presents an opportunity to reduce subsidies due to lower tariffs (which average COP $90 thousand/year), but  the possibility of reducing CO2 emissions and  generating a sustainable model for the provision of the service.


It is necessary to determine the bases for the construction of the Strategic Plan of EEDAS S.A. E.S.P. in order for it to articulate with the National and Regional vision; the vision of potential clients and the market that EEDAS S.A. can identify as potential.


The National Development Plan 2018-2022, “Pact for Colombia, Pact for Equity” determines the following pact that has been identified as strategic for EEDAS S.A. E.S.P.:

  • Pact 4:  Pact for Sustainability.
  • Pact 5: Pact for Science, Technology and Innovation.
  • Pact 8: Pact for Quality and Efficiency of Public Services: water and energy to promote competitiveness and the well-being of all.
  • Pact 17-25: Pact for the Productivity and Equity in the regions: Seaflower Region: For a prosperous, safe and sustainable region.

Alternatives identified in the following axes are obtained from the NDP:

Sustainability PactCTeI PactPublic Services Pact.Seaflower Reg. Pact.
Distribution by agreements of the NDP (identified line)Sectors committed to sustainability and climate changeDevelopment of integrated and effective national and regional innovation systemsEnergy that transforms: towards a more innovative, competitive, clean and equitable energy sector.Urban development and City System (SC) for sustainability, productivity and quality of life
Millions of pesos COP $ assigned within the NDP (does not imply resources assigned to the regions or resources assigned to the funds).$1.833$46$24.673$4.450
Opportunities detected in the public environment.Access to resources from the SGR, FENOGE and FAZNI associated with mitigating the effects of climate change (SAI and NIZI)Projects may be developed with an emphasis on Smart grids. EEDAS S.A. E.S.P. already has experience (2009-2010).The objective of EEDAS S.A. E.S.P. should focus on promoting the energy transformation of the Islands, which would open the possibility of participating within the execution (strategic ally) or from the Audit OfficeEEDAS S.A. E.S.P. From the CTeI project that includes a monitoring center, has the indicated direction to seek participation in the execution of these resources.
Potential projects to be formulated (associated with funds), does not include the resources assigned in the NDP (The project values are established on historical averages)Tidal energy pilot (10 kWp) v. Approx /: USD $ 75,000 -Mini vertical wind power pilot (20 kWp) v. Approx /: USD $ 85,500Proposal for the creation of an integrated public services monitoring system for the Department, based on Smart grids. V. approx /: COP $1,100 million.Boost to stage I of the transformation process, is estimated at $ COP 100 billion. EEDAS S.A. E.S.P. points to consulting / auditing (6%)Pilot management of public services in smart cities (Smart Grid). See CTeI Pact

The NDP has a high focus on the sustainability component, where EEDAS S.A. E.S.P. will be able to promote projects that allows the reduction of GHG Greenhouse Gas Emissions.


One of the most relevant aspects in the construction of EEDAS S.A.’ Strategic Plan is the organization’s alignment with the actual Development Plan 2020-2023, for which the programmatic proposal of the current Governor,was taken into consideration:

“Achieve socio-economic development of the Archipelago in a comprehensive manner in accordance with what is established in the TOP, without detrimental harm to natural resources, achieving an economy based on responsible production, with technological packages that allow sustainable development and a friendly relationship between man and ecosystem”.


EEDAS S.A. E.S.P. aims in the medium – long term to reach maturity as executor of NCRES and EE projects and through the management of projects at a more sustainable energy system to become a strategic partner of the nation, with a participation of 5% of the resources to invest in the indicated period.

To achieve this, through organized work with senior management, goals, controls and scenarios have been establish that allow the growth of the organization and the generation of value that the partners expect.

Creation of business units

In 2019, a business unit scheme was applied within the organization. This scheme, previously applied to the cost management component, was extended to operational matters, so that well-defined roles and responsibilities are established for each business (Audit, UEE / SEA, projects).

The objective of the process is the internal maturation of the organization so that a strategic administration of each business can be carry out, focusing on the results and indicators that are defined in the Strategic Plan and the generation of value and growth that is expected from the partners.