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Privacy policy

Privacy policy and treatment of personal data.

Please read carefully the terms of use that you are accepting by using this website. If you have any questions you can contact us. The owner of this website, EEDAS S.A. E.S.P., (referred to in this document as “EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY”), provides the information contained in this website free of charge. If you use this web site, you implicitly agree to these terms of use. If you do not agree, please do not use the web site. EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY has worked to keep the information on this web site up to date and correct, but assumes no responsibility for errors or incorrect or incomplete information that may be found. By using this WEB site you understand that this information may be incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete and you release EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY from any liability, assuming the risk of using the information contained in this web site. EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY may change, delete, alter or add information without notice.

Technical requirements for access

To access the WEB site, the USER must have access to the Internet, pay the corresponding access and connection fees and have the necessary equipment and computer systems to connect to the Internet, including a terminal that is suitable for this purpose (computer, telephone, etc.) and a modem or other access device.
For the correct access and use of certain contents and services of the WEB site, it implies the downloading of certain computer programs or other logical elements to your computer equipment.
Such installation shall be borne by the USER, declining EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY of any liability that may arise therefrom. Always on the home page informs the user what features you must have to view and use the website correctly.
For a correct navigation and user experience, the suggested browsers are:
– Internet Explorer: 8.0 onwards.
– Chrome: 19.0 onwards.
– Safari: 5.0 onwards.
– Firefox: 9.0 onwards.
EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY DOES NOT warrant that the site and its applications will operate uninterrupted or error-free, nor that defects will be corrected in a timely manner.
The information contained in this website may be out of date at any given time and EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY does not assume and shall not assume any responsibility for updating the information on this website.
The content and materials on this website are for informational purposes only and any damage caused to a third party by the use of this information can NOT be blamed on EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY in any case. The information on medical treatments and procedures is for informational purposes only and in no case should be used to make clinical decisions about the health of any person. Health information is for informational purposes only. We state that this site may NOT be free of computer viruses, malicious software or potentially dangerous computer programs, since we use servers and security provided by companies outside of EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY. You agree to release EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY from any damage caused by a technology, software, virus, or person using the servers where this website is hosted to perform any form of computer attack. In this case in which there is a computer attack, it will be solely the responsibility of the attacker and you, by using this website are agreeing that EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY will be free from any fault in case of any such occurrence.
EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY is the sole owner of the texts and information contained in this website. This information CANNOT be copied, downloaded, reproduced, sold, distributed, republished, transmitted, included in another site or social network, or manipulated without prior written authorization from the company. The use of this site by data mining companies, robot or similar processes, software or technology is prohibited.
It is also prohibited to use framing techniques to introduce any trademark, logo or other information whether or not protected by copyright (including images, text, page layouts or formats) without the corresponding prior written consent of EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY.
Likewise, it is also forbidden to directly or encourage, assist or authorize any other person to reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or in any other way manipulate the software of the websites, either partially or totally, as well as to create derivative works from or on the software of EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY or third parties used by the company.
EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY owns this site and has the corresponding authorizations for the use of images, graphics, icons, characters, music, texts, software, videos and other contents of the site (hereinafter referred to as “content”), as well as HTML, CGI, WS and other codes and texts in any format (hereinafter referred to as “code”) used to implement this site.
No code or content may be modified, altered, copied, distributed, retransmitted, displayed, used, reproduced and/or published under any circumstances, except as expressly authorized by these rules and in the instructions of each section of this site.
By posting links on social networks to this WEB site, we are NOT transferring the copyright to any company and these (copyright) will always be owned by EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY. The user of this WEB site agrees NOT to copy, distribute, manipulate, create derivative works or use the information contained in this web site on a different web site without the explicit written permission of EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY.
The EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY logo published on this page is an original work and is the sole property of EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY. It may not be copied, downloaded, reproduced, sold, distributed, republished, transmitted, included in another site or social network, or manipulated without prior written permission from the company.
The logos other than that of Eedas Clean Energy published on this website are the property of their owners and the entities they represent. In no case are owned by EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY.
While browsing this website you may find hyperlinks (links) to other websites managed by third parties. EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY does this for convenience and to provide more complete information, but at no time EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY is making an endorsement, endorsement or support to these websites or the companies it represents. It is understood that these hyperlinks (links) to other websites are not in control of EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY and the content found on these pages is NOT the responsibility of EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY. It is suggested to enter and know the terms of use of each website. You agree to release EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY from any liability for any information, material or content appearing on the pages to which this WEB site makes hyperlinks (Links).
EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY reserves the right to make adjustments and changes to these terms of use at any time without notice. You agree to these terms by using this website. The terms in effect will always be those posted on the site. By using this site you release EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY from any and all liability for any claims, demands or damages that may result from the use of the information contained herein. You also agree to indemnify EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY for any breach of these terms of use, including reasonable attorneys’ fees for any infringement of this website. The present agreement is subscribed under the code of commerce of the Colombian legislation and any claim, demand or conflict will be solved under the Colombian laws.
The conditions of access and use established herein and the conflicts that may arise with respect to its interpretation, use, scope and termination are governed by Colombian law, especially by Law 527 of 1999 on electronic commerce issued by the Colombian Congress and without prejudice to the special rules on the subject that may be applicable exclusively in each of the territories and shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Colombian judges.

Help Desk

Use of bulletin boards, chat rooms and other communication forums; If the Site contains bulletin boards, chat rooms and other message communication facilities or forums. You, as a user thereof, agree to send and receive only messages and material that are appropriate and related thereto. Examples of forum misuse include:
– Defaming, insulting, abusing, harassing, threatening, and violating the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity) of others.
– Publish, distribute, post or disseminate any defamatory, discriminatory, obscene, indecent or unlawful information or material.
– Upload files that contain software or other material protected by intellectual property (or copyright) laws unless you own such copyrights or have received all appropriate permissions for use.
– Remove any attribution of authorship, legal notices, proprietary designations and/or trademarks in any file on the system.
– Falsify the origin of the source, the computer program or any material contained in the uploaded file.
– Advertise or offer to sell goods and/or services, conduct surveys, contests, or send chain letters.
– Download any file uploaded by any other user of a forum with knowledge that it should not be legally distributed in such a manner.
– As a user you agree that the forums are for public and not private communications.
You further agree that chats, conferences, bulletin boards and other communications between other users are not endorsed by EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY, or its affiliates, and that such communications will not be considered for review, virus checking and/or approved by EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY or its affiliates. EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY reserves the right to remove without notice any content from a forum, as well as the full right to deny, in its sole discretion, access to any portal user or any portion thereof without notice.

Against child pornography

In accordance with Law 679 of August 3, 2001 issued by the Congress of the Republic, which establishes provisions to prevent and counteract exploitation, pornography and sexual tourism with minors.
In accordance with the provisions of said Law, all persons must prevent, block, combat and report the exploitation, hosting, use, use, publication, dissemination of images, texts, documents, audiovisual files, improper use of global information networks, or the establishment of telematic links, In development of the provisions of Article 17 of Law 679 of 2001, the agency warns tourists that the exploitation and sexual abuse of minors in the country are punishable by criminal and administrative sanctions, according to the laws in force. Likewise, and in order to comply with Resolution 3840 of December 24, 2009 and according to Article 1 of Law 1336 of July 21, 2009, EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY adopted a model Code of Conduct, in order to prevent and impede the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in tourism.

Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism

EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY declares that it is not on any of the lists established locally or internationally for the control of money laundering and financing of terrorism; likewise, in application of the Money Laundering Prevention Policy, it shall verify that its subcontractors, suppliers, members of the board of directors or board of partners, its legal representatives and its statutory auditor are not on such lists.
In case of noticing the existence of any error, insufficiency, lack of clarity or expiration of the terms of validity of the information or having any questions about the information disclosed herein, please send a message to the e-mail [email protected].
Any doubt may be sent in writing to our correspondence manager in the city of San Andres Islands – Colombia to the address: Calle 1 No. 1B-58 San Andres Islands, Colombia. To the e-mail [email protected] or to the telephone (608) 5128084.
The images used in this WEB site have been chosen from image banks available on the Internet and labeled as free for modification and commercial use. In other occasions they have been taken from the websites of health care providers. EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY states that the use of these images is for informational and illustrative purposes only.
In the event that any User or third party considers that any content introduced on the website, involves violation of their intellectual property rights should send a communication to EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY with the following information:
– Personal data: name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the claimant.
– Authentic signature, with the personal data of the holder of the intellectual property rights allegedly infringed or of the person authorized to act in the name and on behalf of the holder of the intellectual property rights allegedly infringed.
– Precise and complete indication of the content protected by the allegedly infringed intellectual property rights, as well as its location on the website.
– Express and clear statement that the use of the indicated content has been made without the consent of the holder of the allegedly infringed intellectual property rights.
– An express, clear and responsible statement by the complainant that the information provided in the notification is accurate and that the use of the content constitutes an infringement of the complainant’s intellectual property rights.
These notifications should be sent to: Calle 1 No. 1B-58 San Andres Islas, Colombia. To the e-mail [email protected] or telephone (608) 5128084.

Privacy Policy

At EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY we are committed to protecting your privacy, integrity and confidentiality. That is why no personal data provided is disclosed to third parties other than those who will provide services to you. Our website and our platform uses SSL (security socket layer) which is a proven system.
EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY, informs its users and visitors about the privacy policy and protection of personal data, referred to in these terms as personal data.
The user will provide us with personal data that will be collected by EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY manually and/or automatically and that will be used for different purposes: among them: the substantiation of a possible contractual relationship, the provision of services and products that the user decides to subscribe, register, consult or acquire; the performance of activities related to the service and/or product that the user acquires; subscribe to a mailing list or newsletter service; communicate with the user in order to inform him/her about changes in services; process requests, complaints, claims, suggestions, activity management, market statistics; marketing and activities related to the services and products offered; carry out any complementary or necessary activity to provide the services, develop studies and research to determine consumption habits; to notify about new products or services that are related to those offered by the company, to perform evaluations and measurements of the level of satisfaction and quality of the service provided.
EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY, understands that the user of this site and its software and applications is in full capacity and enabled to provide, receive and forward personal data. If you provide personal information about a person other than yourself, it is understood that you are authorized by that person. In the event that EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY provides a registration platform, the user may review and modify his or her personal information in an access link where he or she may modify, cancel and even deactivate his or her account. The user’s rights are always recognized and can be exercised to cancel, access, rectify and update by contacting EEDAS S.A. E.S.P., the contacts presented at the end of these terms. If you choose to deactivate your account, to the extent permitted by law, we will retain in our files certain Personal Information about you for the purposes of accounting and tax identification of transaction data, fraud prevention, dispute resolution, investigating disputes or incidents, enforcing our terms and conditions of use, and complying with legal requirements.
EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY reserves the right to modify and adapt this policy to changes and developments in case law and industry news. In case of any change it will be announced on the website for 30 days.
Some products, services or transactions will require the registration of the user who must complete the information requested and necessary for the transaction. The user’s access to these areas is free and voluntary, however, the continuity of the process requires the completion of each step. EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY will always notify you before collecting any Personal Information and about the purpose of such collection. We will ask for your consent before using or communicating your data for any purpose other than the initial one, for which we will need your consent.
In EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY we have adopted the required security level of protection of personal data and we have developed strategies and activities to prevent unauthorized access and theft of personal data, however, the user must be clear that EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY may become subject to theft of information or unauthorized access to it despite the efforts and measures taken to prevent this information. In the event that such a situation should occur, EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY will inform users, but at no time assume legal, criminal, economic or any other type of liability for the misuse of such information accessed without authorization in a fraudulent manner. The user understands this situation and releases EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY from all liability.
EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY does not transfer the Personal Data of its “USERS” to third parties, unless it has the proper authorizations or there is a court order. When this circumstance applies, by legal or corporate obligation, it will be duly notified to the “USERS” in the Personal Data collection forms, along with the identification of the company that transfers the data and the third party, the type of activities to which it is dedicated and the purpose for which the transfer responds.
If you do not express your opposition to these terms or to the transfer of your personal data to any third party, it will be understood that you have given your consent.
The information required for a transaction must be stored for a period of at least 1 year, this stipulated by the regulations of financial institutions.
EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY, collects information and personal data of different types, in order to develop statistics or forecasts based on statistics to establish the best procedure or treatment for the user. In no case this type of information is part of a clinical diagnosis and is for information purposes only. The information requested by EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY to the user is necessary to present pricing information and procedures and treatments. If the user enters such information, he/she agrees to the storage and processing of such information.

Use of cookies and web beacons

EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY may use cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies in its web pages and in the electronic devices used to access them, in order to know the origin, activities and preferences of its travelers, customers and users when browsing the web, increase the functionality and accessibility of the websites, verify that users meet the criteria required to process their requests and to adapt its products and services to the needs of users, being able to obtain the following general information:
The type of browser and operating system used The websites visited The IP address Duration of browsing time Language of the device The links accessed, among other related information. These cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies can be disabled and deleted by the User whenever he/she wishes. For this purpose, the User may consult and/or request the help of the Internet browser he/she uses.
Security Risks to be taken into account when making transactions on the Internet
– It is possible that a user may be deceived by means of e-mails or some DNS server deception, to visit a false site that presents the same design, but where the card data are loaded in the false system, stealing the cardholder’s information. Therefore, it is important to generate the culture that users should enter directly through known domains to reduce risks.
– It is possible that the computer where the user is performing the transaction, has installed without prior knowledge of the user, some spyware or malicious software that captures everything typed on the keyboard or captures information from input devices and sent to a network or host on the Internet. Therefore, it is
– it is recommended that the transaction be made on a home or office computer as much as possible.
– User impersonation may occur or the user may refuse to have sent and/or received the transaction and it may be used by a third party.

Use of cookies technology

EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY may use cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies in its web pages and in the electronic devices used to access them. Cookies are small data files that are generated in the user’s computer and allow us to know the following information:
– The date and time of the last time the user visited our Web.
– The design of contents that the user chose in his first visit to our Web.
– Security elements involved in controlling access to restricted areas.
– However, Users are informed of the possibility of discarding this use in their computer terminal. Through these “cookies” the rest of users once registered can see if you are connected or not and thus contact you more smoothly and quickly.
– The type of browser and operating system used The websites visited The IP address The length of time spent browsing The language of the device The links accessed
– These cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies can be disabled and deleted by the User at any time. For this purpose, the User may consult and/or request the help of the Internet browser he/she uses.

Data Habeas Data

Any person who registers their data in order to make a purchase on the websites, acting freely and voluntarily authorizes EEDAS CLEAN ENERGY and the companies that provide services within the platform or website to process payments and perform marketing activities, to consult and request information on credit, financial, commercial and service behavior to third parties to the information center CIFIN S.A., or counterpart entities in other countries, generating a consultation footprint.

Policy for the treatment of personal data

The purpose of this document is to comply with the provisions of paragraph k) of Article 17 of Law 1581 of 2012, which consists of the development and adoption of an internal manual of policies and procedures to ensure proper compliance with the aforementioned law which regulates the collection, registration, recording, handling and processing of personal data carried out by EEDAS S.A. E.S.P., in the ordinary exercise of its corporate purpose, in order to ensure and protect the fundamental right of habeas data of its users. This policy shall be applicable to Customers, suppliers, contractors and collaborators or employees of EEDAS S.A. E.S.P., who have provided information or personal data by virtue of the service provided to it, hereinafter USER.
This document applies to the treatment of personal data registered and handled by EEDAS S.A. E.S.P..
EEDAS S.A. E.S.P., may unilaterally change its privacy policy and use of personal data when required without the express consent of the USER, but is obliged to keep the previous versions of this privacy policy and use of personal data, if any, and to guarantee the rights of the USERS that emanate from the Constitution and Colombian Law.
This policy ensures the prevalent right of minors. Therefore, the processing of personal data of minors is prohibited, except for those data that are of a public nature, and in this case the processing must respond to and respect the best interests of the minor, according to the constitutional and legal parameters in force.

Duties Inherent to the processing of information and personal data

EEDAS S.A. E.S.P., recognizes the ownership of the personal data held by the individuals and consequently they can exclusively decide about them. Therefore, EEDAS S.A. E.S.P., will use the personal data for the purposes expressly authorized by the owner or by the regulations in force.
In the treatment and protection of personal data, EEDAS S.A. E.S.P., will have the following duties, without prejudice to others provided for in the provisions that regulate or come to regulate this matter:
1. Guarantee the holder, at all times, the full and effective exercise of the right of habeas data.
2. To request and keep a copy of the respective authorization granted by the holder for the processing of personal data.
3. To duly inform the holder about the purpose of the collection and the rights he/she is entitled to by virtue of the authorization granted.
4. Keep the information under the security conditions necessary to prevent its adulteration, loss, consultation, use or unauthorized or fraudulent access.
5. Guarantee that the information is truthful, complete, accurate, updated, verifiable and understandable.
6. To update the information in a timely manner, thus attending to all new developments with respect to the holder’s data.
7. To respect the security and privacy conditions of the holder’s information.
8. To process the queries and claims in the terms set forth by law.
9. Register in the database the legend “claim in process” in the manner regulated by law.
10. Insert in the database the legend “information under judicial discussion” once notified by the competent authority about judicial proceedings related to the quality of the personal data.
11. Refrain from circulating information that is being disputed by the owner and whose blocking has been ordered by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.
12. To inform the data protection authority when there are violations to the security codes and there are risks in the administration of the holder’s information.
13. Comply with the requirements and instructions issued by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce on the particular subject.
14. Ensure the proper use of personal data of children and adolescents, in those cases in which the processing of their data is authorized.

Authorization and consent of the User

EEDAS S.A. E.S.P., requires the free, prior, express and informed consent of the User of the personal data for the processing of the same, except in those cases expressly authorized by law.
Users accept and acknowledge that this authorization will be in force from the moment it was accepted and during the time EEDAS S.A. E.S.P., develops the activities of its corporate purpose.
EEDAS S.A. E.S.P., will obtain the authorization, in advance, through different means, among them the physical document, electronic, data message, Internet, Web Sites, or in any other format that in any case allows obtaining the consent through unequivocal conducts through which it is concluded that if the same had not been given by the holder or the person entitled to do so, the data would not have been stored or captured in the database.
Users of personal data may at any time revoke the authorization granted to EEDAS S.A. E.S.P., for the processing of their personal data or request the deletion of the same, as long as it is not prevented by a legal or contractual provision. EEDAS S.A. E.S.P., will establish simple and free mechanisms that allow the holder to revoke their authorization or request the deletion of their personal data, at least by the same means by which it was granted.

Rights of the Users

In accordance with the provisions of the current applicable regulations on data protection, the following are the rights of users of personal data:
1. Access, know, update and rectify their personal data against EEDAS S.A. E.S.P., in its capacity as data controller. This right may be exercised, among others, against partial, inaccurate, incomplete, fractioned, misleading data, or those whose treatment is expressly prohibited or has not been authorized.
2. Request proof of the authorization granted to EEDAS S.A. E.S.P., for the processing of data, by any valid means, except in cases where authorization is not required.
3. To be informed by EEDAS S.A. E.S.P., upon request, regarding the use that has been made of their personal data.
4. To file before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, or the entity that takes its place, complaints for violations of the provisions of Law 1581 of 2012 and other rules that modify, add or supplement it, after consultation or requirement process before EEDAS S.A. E.S.P.
5. To revoke the authorization and/or request the deletion of the data when the treatment does not respect the principles, rights and constitutional and legal guarantees.
6. Access free of charge to your personal data that have been subject to processing, whenever there are substantial changes to this policy that motivate new consultations.

Procedure to Consult, Update, Correct and Delete Information and Revoke Authorization

Users may consult, update, rectify or delete information regarding the personal information provided to EEDAS S.A. E.S.P., by the same physical electronic means used to provide the information.
In any case, users may carry out the actions described in the previous paragraph, through a request sent to the e-mail [email protected], where the identification of the owner, the reasons for the request and the respective evidence or documents are attached when applicable.
EEDAS S.A. E.S.P., will have 7 (seven) working days to respond to your request.
If the request is incomplete, EEDAS S.A. E.S.P. will require the interested party within seven (7) working days from the receipt of the request to correct the faults. After one (1) month from the date of the request, without the applicant submitting the required information, it shall be understood that the request has been withdrawn.
To REVOKE THE AUTHORIZATION, the users shall also use the procedure described in the three previous paragraphs.

Information Security

EEDAS S.A. E.S.P., will adopt the technical, human and administrative measures necessary to provide security to the records avoiding their adulteration, loss, consultation, use or unauthorized or fraudulent access.
THE COMPANY; designates the main legal representative, in addition to his other functions, to fulfill the function of protection of personal data and to process the requests of the owners or users, for the exercise of the rights of access, consultation, rectification, updating, deletion and revocation referred to in Law 1581 of 2012.