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EEDAS S.A. ESP, executes a contract signed with FENOGE (Fund for Non-Conventional Energy and Efficient Energy Management), which aims to “Carry out the follow-up, monitoring, evaluation and technical report of results. This allow verifying the status and compliance with the Impact and Result indicators of the Program for the Efficient Management of Energy Demand in Non-Interconnected Zones – Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina Pilot, IDB Credit 3747 / TC-CO”. The purpose of this consultancy is to provide services to carry out the follow-up and monitoring of the results obtained by the projects executed by FENOGE, under the “Be Energy” Program. The object of this is to make the corresponding evaluation and report to the client, the status of compliance with the Impact and Result Indicators established in CONPES 3855 of 2016 and its addendum No. 1, which will allow measuring the achievement and fulfillment of the Program’s objectives.

The Impact and Result Indicators are the following:

  1. Reduction of CO2 equivalent emissions in tons per year resulting from the reduction in energy consumption of the users involved in the Program developed in the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina.
  2. Reduction of electricity consumption (GWh) of the beneficiaries intervened in the Archipelago.
  3. Reduction of subsidies associated with electricity generation granted by the Government of Colombia related to the lower energy consumption of the beneficiaries intervened in the Archipelago.

EEDAS S.A. E.S.P. will be carrying out follow-up and monitoring activities, for a period of 12 months, to four (4) projects that FENOGE is executing in the Archipelago Department:

  1. Replacement of light bulbs for part of the users of stratum one (1), two (2) and three (3) of the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina.
  2. Design, construction and start-up of photovoltaic solar generation solutions and implementation of energy efficiency measures in public entities of the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina.
  3. Implementation of energy efficiency management measures and technological reconversion of equipment in official entities of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina.
  4. Encouragement in the replacement of electronic and essential equipment in the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina in the residential, commercial and industrial (hotel) sector.

During the execution of the contract, seven (7) reports will be delivered:

  • The first Report, the initial one, already delivered, which consisted of a detailed work plan of the activities to be carry out during the consultancy.
  • The second report will deliver the strategy for monitoring, monitoring and reporting compliance with the program indicators, as well as the strategy that will be use to identify, monitor and report alerts that may impede the performance of said indicators of impact and result.
  • From there, four (4) progress reports will be delivered every two months. Each one will have in detail the activities carried out during the period of the report, analysis of the information collected to date, progress of results, conclusions, recommendations and lessons learned.
  • At the end of the contract period, a final report on the implementation of the strategies designed during execution. This report will include Certificate of Received to the satisfaction of the fulfillment of the contract, information, consolidation and report of the activities carried out, summary of threats, vulnerabilities, and risks identified, their monitoring during the performance of the agreement and the variations presented. In addition, conclusions and / or recommendations will be made on the lessons learned.


The Archipelago of San Andrés Providencia and Santa Catalina (Islands), contracted with the Empresa de Energía del Archipelago de San Andrés Providencia y Santa Catalina S.A. E.S,P. the technical, administrative, financial, accounting, legal, social and environmental control of the pilot project for the energy use of solid waste. This includes: 1) Grant of the sanitary filling of the magic garden, contract N°1016 of 2017; 2) Infrastructure work required for the conditioning and delivery of solid waste to the use of the RSU plant, through two contracts No. 1724 of 2019 and 1013 of 2020. The objective if this is to verify compliance with each of the activities executed by the private operator to ensure and guarantee the operation of the Magic Garden Landfill.

The audit monitors two components. The first includes the works necessary for the preparation of waste from the selection and selective collection routes; those deposited in the landfill and the waste extracted through the mining process to be delivered to the energy use plant. This monitoring refers to the analysis of the equipment to be installed, the correct execution of the civil works to house the defined machinery, the feasibility of the financial study that will serve to cover the associated costs via tariffs.

The second component is related to monitoring each of the activities arising from the current operation of the Landfill, verifying compliance with the current Environmental Management Plan approved by the coral environmental authority and all other contractual obligations emanating from contract No. 1016 of 2017.

The activity of the Audit Office began in June 2019 through contract 1724 of 2019. This contract was ended in May 2020, and had the most significant results in the issuance of a favorable concept for the implementation of the works made feasible by the Ministry of Housing City and Territory. Analysis and adjustments in the financial model were made and are equivalent to a reduction of four billion per year ($4,000,000,000, oo), as well as an approach with FENOGE for the financing of a project that allows the installation of solar panels that supply part of the consumption of the urban waste processing and separation plant of the Magic Garden landfill, approximately 40% of the defined consumption.

Both auditing contracts included the monitoring and supervision of the activities required to carry out the defined infrastructure works, to date this component includes two warehouses for equipment and waste drying, adjustments for a leachate storage lagoon and a new cell for the disposal of rejects and ashes that is in an execution percentage close to 80%. Similarly, the operational component of the final disposal site has carried out the pertinent actions to guarantee the adequate disposal of waste from the technical and operational point of view.



Interventory Contract


The purpose of the Audit is to permanently review, verify, analyze and conceptualize all the technical, financial, operational, legal and administrative aspects related to the Concession Contract, in order to verify compliance, by the Concessionaire, of the conditions established in the same, for the development and comprehensive control of the project and to determine in a timely manner the necessary actions to guarantee the achievement of the planned objectives.

The work of the Controller, and therefore, his responsibility, is subject to the terms of the scope of his activity established in this Contract.

 Scheme of the Interventory

Considering the guidelines established in the Concession Contract No. 067 of 2009, signed between SOPESA S.A. E.S.P. and the Ministry of Mines and Energy, EEDAS as controller, monitors:

Thermal Generation

Installation of 28,6 MW new (años 1 y 5)

Mandatory investments

Installation of 1MW de Generación RSU (año 2)

Installation of 7,5 MW de Generación Eólica (año 3)

Loss Reduction

Loss reduction to 12% (año 6)

Quality of service

Application of DES y FES (año1)


  • Supply in Installation of 2 DIESEL (GN) thermal units, of 14.3 Mw each MAN with ABB generators.
  • Projected for year 1 and 5 of the concession according to the proposal presented by the concessionaire.
  • Restated for the installation of the units in year 2 of the concession.
  • Status (Commercial Operation), the units went into operation (full load) in October 2012.
  • Investment reported by the concessionaire $ 60,970 million.

RSU Project

  • Supply in Installation of a Generation plant with Solid Waste (Waste to Energy) with processing capacity of 80 Ton / day and an Installed capacity of 1 Mw contractual (installed capacity of 1.6 Mw).
  • Projected for the month of February 2011, based on environmental aspects and the prior consultation process was modified for entry into service and commissioning in October 2012, current status (Suspended in tests).
  • Contractual energy to be produced per year (minimum 4 Gwh / year).
  • Investment executed to the reported date of $ 32,462 million.

Wind Farm Project

  • Supply in Installation of an Electric Power Generation plant with Wind potential with a contractual installed capacity of 7.5 MW.
  • Projected for the month of June 2012, project currently suspended in obligations during the execution of the Prior Consultation process with the community. Current status (Pre Consultation).
  • Contractual energy to be produced per year (minimum 10 Gwh / year).
  • Project evaluation (wind measurement – 20 months), plant factor 19%, average annual speed at 62 meters (5.97 m / s).
  • Projection in CO2 reduction year 6,796 Tons/ year
  • Projected investment of $ 36,452 million.

Management Indicators

One of the most important aspects in the Concession has been the operational management of the management indicators derived from Law 142 of 1994, for which the MME established in Annex 6 of the ASE 067 contract of 2009. The Controller has focused its management in the continuous improvement of these through permanent monitoring and vigilance that, in compliance with the provisions of Law 142 of 1994, the Concessionaire guarantees the right of the user to have their case reviewed by the Superintendency of Domiciliary Public Service.

Public Service provision levels – Annex 5 that includes the electricity service quality indicators: continuity of service, duration of interruptions (DES) and frequency of interruptions (FES), quality indicators of electrical power: voltage level and frequency. 

The activities are carried out taking into account the characterization of auditing and the quality plan, and based on the object of the contract, a schedule of auditing is drawn up consisting of inspection visits.

Visits are scheduled every day of the week, for which there are trained personnel who carry out inspections of::

  • Generation plants
  • New investments (RSU and Wind Project)
  • Power substations
  • The different locations of the service provider

These visits seek to verify the following activities:

  • preventive and corrective maintenance of generation plants
  • The generation worksheets and the interruption worksheets
  • General maintenance carried out on the local distribution system
  • And the Commercial Administration System is monitored where the reports of suspensions, reconnections, portfolio, collection, billing and customer service are generated.

Based on the information collected, an analysis is made from the obligations set forth in the contract and recommendations are made to the grantor (Ministry of Energy) and concessionaire (Sopesa SAESP) which are reflected in the monthly Audit Report, in order to to improve the provision of electric power service in the Department.