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Floating photovoltaic installations

EEDAS S.A. E.S.P. in 2016 presented to the Mayor of the Municipality of Providence and Santa Catalina a conceptual proposal for the development of a floating solar auto-generation project in the Agua Dulce dam (Fresh Water Dam). This project has a primary energy destination for the treatment plant of pumping of the aqueduct or in its defect of the Public Lighting of the sector.

This proposal, based on the advantage of installing panels in stable bodies of water (dams, lakes, etc.) where direct and indirect radiation (known as albedo) is use, given the reflection characteristics of the water, increasing solar use. In addition, the bodies of water maintain lower temperatures, which increases the efficiency and performance of the panels.

The project was known by the Global Green Growth Institute GGGI firm, which seeks to implement the project with international cooperation resources, requiring the development of previous studies aimed at the implementation of a floating solar self-generation installation in the Fresh Water dam. Decision was made to hire EEDAS SA E.S.P., based on her experience in renewable energies as up to $ 22 thousand USD worth.

The energy of the system will be used to supply part of the energy consumption of the pumping station of the Providence and Santa Catalina, which has an average monthly consumption of 8,000 kWh.