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Advie and bioclimatic implementation in buildings.

The main purpose of the new EEDAS Bio Climatic Headquarters is to meet the need to strengthen the operational structure and develop efficient cost management, contributing to the management of the energy transformation process of the Islands, as the new headquarters is an operational management laboratory comprehensive energy and rational use of energy.

EEDAS Headquarters operates in facilities located in the renowned Punta Hansa sector. At present, the automation systems and the self-generation system are operational.

The building has generated a total change in the operational dynamics of the organization, guaranteeing comfort and safety to the workers, highlighting the strategic importance of having the only building with Bio Climatic characteristics in the Archipelago, which places EEDAS as a leader in these Projects.

Among the highlights of the project are:

25 kW Photo Voltaic Self Generation System

EEDAS has 3 years in advance of Law 1715 of 2014, during which she formulated, structured and executed 2 projects with Non-Conventional Renewable Energy Sources. The main strength of the New Headquarters corresponds to the fact that 85% of its consumption comes from clean energy, which also generates cost savings for the service.


EEDAS building has a fully automated centralized lighting system, with high-efficiency T5 and LED luminaires, comparable to modern systems such as the one used at the Nuevo El Dorado Airport.

In the Energy Efficiency component, the UPME identified as one of the critical factors in energy efficiency in the Islands, the lighting of both homes and commercial and official buildings. In this sense, EEDAS observes the business potential associated with energy efficiency, which is why she designed and developed an automated system for energy saving and as a “Show Room” for potential clients.


One of the most innovative aspects of the EEDAS Building is the Air Conditioning automation system, which at a cost 70% less than a centralized system, takes advantage of the Air Inverters available in the market to manage consumption.


The system used by EEDAS takes advantage of the lighting automation system (sensors, KNX system) to control the Air Conditioning units with RF signal inductors, activating or deactivating functions according to the movement of personnel (sensors).

The objective of the system is to achieve the maximum efficiency of the component responsible for 70% of consumption in institutional buildings and that represents close to $ 60,000 million in subsidies per year at the Department level.

From the financial point of view, the project for the new headquarters represents real and effective savings, since the headquarters has, as said at the beginning, a self-generation system of energy from a solar system located on its roof with a capacity of 25 kW.