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As a complement to the new EEDAS S.A. Headquarters projects, this project was structure for the application of a hybrid system (photovoltaic – wind) for self-generation of energy in the new educational classrooms and the administrative building of the Caribbean headquarters of the National University (San Luis Headquarters). Besides, it allows achieving the development of energy efficiency alternatives that contribute to the reduction of subsidies for lower rates; this project owned by EEDAS S.A. E.S.P., is oriented to active buildings and with the purpose that the model remunerates its operating and investment costs via kWh produced.

The project has been operating since 2014, where the system tests and necessary adjustments were carry out to connect to the network. Currently, the system installed at the National University represents the first Grid Tie system in the region and has provided valuable information that EEDAS has incorporated into its project bank, especially the energy transformation process of the Archipelago and the New Headquarters.

Additionally, EEDAS carried out two photovoltaic installations. The first one was for the First Baptist School on the Hill that aimed to cover about a quarter of its energy needs (8 kWp). The other was for the first Baptist Church, which in the first phase generated about 40% of its consumption (3 kWp) and in the second phase, with accumulators (batteries) that target 90% of the demand, taking advantage of the fact that the islands have an excellent wind and solar resource.