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Electric transport system

In the Archipelago, 120,000 barrels of oil are consume annually in the transportation component, a situation that exceeds consumption for electricity production by 25%. This situation within the biosphere reserve calls for the establishment of specific plans for the revision and transformation of the high dependence on fossil fuel.

Due to the strengths of the new EEDAS headquarters and its Insular Monitoring Center, it is important to carry out a test pilot for electric vehicles to determine the following parameters:

  • Durability of the components.
  • Stability and duration of the accumulators.
  • Renewable charging systems.
  • Performance and performance.

As EEDAS carries out Auditing and monitoring tasks for energy and renewable transformation projects, it becomes the ideal vehicle for testing 2 electric transport systems.

The vehicles will be charge through a system of photovoltaic panels interconnected with the photovoltaic solar power system of the new Headquarters (Grid Tie).

The system to be use in an area of 60m2 will contain the following elements:

  • a.- Structure.
  • b.- Photovoltaic panels.
  • c.- Investors / Regulators / Control.
  • d.- Measurement and monitoring system.