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Implementation of non-conventional renewable energy sources in fishing terminals

The fishing terminal for artisanal fishermen in the northern area of ​​San Andrés, has the implementation of a solar / mini-wind self-generation system with a capacity of 50 kWp and the development of Energy Efficiency measures that allow reducing the projected consumption of the building by 50%, with estimated savings per month for the department of $ 12 million and for the nation of $ 14 million in subsidies, with a total investment of $ 900 million.

The San Andrés fishing terminal is located in the industrial zone of the department, adjacent to the facilities where the DIMAR operates, a place that will become the main site for the collection of marine product, processing and sale, with which the strengthening of artisanal fishing activity and generate a whole social economy around fishing on the Island of San Andrés.

At a general level in the fishing industry, the energy cost associated with the cold chain is one of the components with the greatest weight in operating costs. The islands are not alien to this situation and from the future perspective, the cost generated in the energy bill will be one of the main challenges to face when starting the fishery, because the freezing systems start from an important consumption base (empty), which increases with demand and this combined with a significant cost per kilowatt hour will have to be validated to guarantee the sustainability of the operation.

The scope of this project is the activities of information analysis, data collection, design, preparation and implementation of energy efficiency measures with emphasis on the use of Non-Conventional Renewable Energy Sources as a cost reduction measure in operation and reduction use of fossil fuels as a primary energy source and therefore GHG Greenhouse Gas emissions.

The relevant figure: By 2040 the project will reduce 1,073 Tons of CO2 in emissions (by replacing DIESEL with photovoltaic solar energy and mini-wind systems).