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Photovoltaic installations in hospitals

During 2019, an important achievement was accomplish by completing, after five years of work, the approval of the project “Research for the strengthening of capacities in the provision of energy in the islands”. The cost worth $ 6,996 million (resources CTeI SGR OCAD), was obtained in the Ministry of Science, highlighting that the evaluation committee recommended EEDAS S.A. for its experience and knowledge as executor.

This project is a turning point for energy in the islands because it incorporates the PIMMA Monitoring, Measurement and Analysis Platform as a center, which will collect all the information on the islands’ energy system and generate databases for 5 power lines. This Research is associated with the same number of scholarships for master degrees; training for more than 1,000 inhabitants and the implementation of 2 pilot projects. The first self-generation solar medium-scale installation with 140 kWp capacity and a pilot of green electroline stations and electric vehicles (6) to evaluate the incorporation of a mass and particular electrical transport system to the clean energy matrix of the Islands.

This project is of great relevance for the Islands, since it aims to establish the foundations for a future energy transformation, not only generating experience, but also defining knowledge as a critical mass for the future development of projects, with an approach aimed at building capacities in the population.

The relevant figure: The pilots associated with the project, by 2040 will reduce 3,220 Tons of CO2 in emissions (by replacing DIESEL with photovoltaic solar energy and mini-wind systems).