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Línea de transparencia

Transparency line

At EEDAS S.A E.S.P. We continue to advance to be at the forefront of large companies, that is why we deepen our close and transparent relationship with our stakeholders, that is why we hired an external company to receive first-hand the possible irregularities reported in relation to misconduct ethics, regulations, internal regulations and our Code of Good Governance, as well as conduct that puts the Company at risk.

Situations you can report

  • Illegal tips
  • Fraud, corruption
  • Interest conflict
  • Misuse of resources
  • Irregularities in policy monitoring
  • Problems that affect the corporate image
  • Falseness in documents
  • Disclosure or misuse of information
  • Fraudulent connections

Our communication channels


[email protected]

Monday – Saturday

6:00 am – 10:00 pm

Channel managed by a third party to guarantee confidentialityÍcono de validado por la comunidad