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Substitution and replacement of efficient appliances

The National Development Plan 2014-2018 determined in its axis “A- A Prosperous, Equitable Caribbean without Extreme Poverty”, as a priority for the Archipelago, the need to develop projects, policies and initiatives aimed at reducing the consumption of DIESEL fuel as a primary source in its Objective 4:“ Advancing towards the provision of energy cleaner and less expensive ”.

In coherence with this, the Departmental Development Plan has established in its strategic axis the development of a Sustainable Archipelago, based on the development of projects that allow the current use of DIESEL to be displaced by energies from renewable sources.

Following these premises, and based on CONPES 3855 document, the route is established so that within the framework of the Clean Investment Funds (CIF – Clean Investment Funds), resources are received from the Clean Technology Fund (CTF – Clean Technology Fund ). Resources that were destined to finance and scale projects in the areas of urban transport, energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energies (FNCER). Starting with a pilot for 14 users on Santa Catalina Island and 1 institutional user on San Andrés Island.

The objective of this pilot was to implement and evaluate solutions based on Energy Efficiency and Renewables, in order to establish the basis for the development of the massive Efficiency Plan with allocated resources of USD $ 10 million.